What is career counselling?

It shows the best direction to a student for his or her bright future.

It is necessary for students before entering high school. However, it hurts to state that Baloch youth are deprived of quality career counselling.

Students do not have the knowledge of their destination. They are just on the way, but they do not have any idea, where their journey would end.

One gets confused whether we do not have educated persons or these students are not interested in career counselling.

Now the question will be raised. Who is responsible that Baloch youth are deprived of career counselling? Students, parents, teachers or leaders?

There is a senseless tradition in our society to become a doctor or an engineer.  Parent’s force their children to be a doctor or an engineer.

If a student wants to be an engineer and he is not interested in any other field and his parents force him to be a doctor. No doubt, he can never be a good doctor. It is better to let him to choose his field himself.

Most of the students who are studying pre-engineering or pre-medical do not know what to do if they did not get the engineering or medical seats. Mostly student’s reply was I do not know.

In my think of view if you do not know what will you do in your future? Nevertheless, you are going to spoil your bright future.

If they do not get the medical seat, they are going to do commission test preparation.

Alternatively, many students who give three attempts of medical test if they cannot get seat of medical they want to do B.A. Why you are going to do B.A? If you want to do B.A, then why you have wasted your three years? You should have taken F.A rather than F.Sc.

However, I want to ask them if you want to be appeared in commission exam, then why you have wasted your three to four years on preparing of medical test. You would take arts section. That would be better for you.

There is a trend that every student wants to be a civil engineer. Engineering students must not be behind civil engineering only, there are many engineering fields, such as Petroleum engineering, Mining, Electronics, Geological, Mechanical, Electrical and many more engineering fields are available. Take that program on which you are interested most. Do not think that whether there is scope on this field or not. Keep working hard and make yourself completely able on that field. No doubt, you will get a good job.

I have seen many students who picked their courses whatever their friends selected. When they attended, the classes then they thought they are not fit for these classes again they went and changed their subjects.

I have also seen many students, who have taken F.A then did B.A with Mathematics & Statistics then they are doing MSc in Mathematics or Statistics.

These all issues happen due to deprivation of career counselling.

The best way of career counselling is that students must be told in detail about the scopes of programs and student interest must be given more priority. Build up ability on your field. Hope, there will be scope on your selected field.

There are lots of fields, not just only engineering and medical. Such as teaching, journalism, information technology, law practice and banking and so on.

It’s always better to keep two options or an alternate option. If you cannot get the first opportunity then use the second option.

I plea to all parents and teachers that do not force the children for choosing their career. Just you should show the ways, tell the opportunities and scopes of the field. Let the child to select what he or she wants to be in future. Then in future, he or she must not criticize you that I could not achieve because of my parent or teacher.

I also want to plea to all students please break the trend of engineer, doctor or commission. World is wide there are lots of option for you. Do not be dependent on just one thing.

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Published in the Balochistan Voices on August 19th, 2016


Quetta: Three young Baloch girls are participating in Rio Olympics2016, representing different countries.

Rio 2016 Olympics opening ceremony begins on August 5th, 2016 in Brazil. The matches of this big event are being held in Rio de Janeiro which is the second biggest city of Bazil. On this big event 207 nations are participating and there are 11,551 Athletes. As well there are 306 events in 28 sports.

According to the media reports three young Baloch girls are participating in Rio Olympics 2016.
Madiha Ghafoor who originally belongs to Layari and now she is representing Netherland on Athletics games. She is the niece of late nationalist leader Lal Bakhsh Rind.

In addition the other Baloch girl is Ayesha Al-Balushi who is representing the United Arab Emirate (UAE) on the current event in Brazil. She is participating in weight lifting games. She was born in UAE. She is one of those seven athletics who participated in Uzbekistan Championship.

The third Baloch girl is Warah Al-Balushi who is participating in shooting games. She is representing Oman. She was born in Oman in 1989.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on August 19, 2016

Balochistan Board of Intermediate Secondary Education Quetta is the only board for entire province, where every year in Secondary School Certificate examination more than 80,000 candidates appear. As well more than 60,000 candidates appear in Higher Secondary School Certificate per year.

Due to large number of candidates annually the result the is announced late and most of the student remains unable to get admission in other provinces. In addition, last year on September 5th, 2015 the result of HSSC Part I & II only 28.68 percent of stands were declared pass. Out of 26,883 candidates that appeared in exams only 7,710 candidates were declared successful.

It was the worst result of entire history of BBISE Quetta. Students criticized and protested against BBISE Quetta in aftermath of the result. Nevertheless, after every announcement of results students are not being satisfied with the marking system of BBISE Quetta.

In Balochistan mostly students are not satisfied with the marking system. The cheating in exams also matters in examination but many students who do not cheat they also get less marks. This is the matter which disheartens them and they do not prepare and give up working hard. The open cheating in examination halls creates hopelessness among talented students.

There are no systematic rules and regulations in BBISE Quetta for marking papers, taking practical and viva exams. It depends on that instructor whatever marks he/she wants to give. Many talented students fail without any reasons.

No doubt, in present time many professional institutes require 60% obtained marks in HSSC for admission. Many students cannot get admission in such good institutes due to fewer marks in exams.
Many candidates criticize the BBISE Quetta that there is nepotism and favoritism. Students seem frustrated with the unprofessional attitude of staff members.

There are limited staffs at BBISE Quetta. If someone wants to verify a document so he needs to wait for hours only for submitting that, then he need to come back for at least after three days.
It is too hard for the students who live in far flung areas of Balochistan such as Turbat, Panjgour Mashkay, Gwadar, Awaran and many others come to Quetta for a minor work such as verifying documents or issuing certificate or correction of name or roll number.

There is a great demand of students Students of Balochistan are demanding to Government of Balochistan should establishes separate boards in every division of Balochistan so that the quality education be ensured in Balochistan.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on August 14, 2016

August 8th, 2016 was the darkest day of the history of Balochistan. 70 people were killed and numerous were wounded. Mostly victims were lawyers, journalists. police and paramedics.

The Taliban group Jamaat-ur-Ahrar and ISIL claimed the responsibility of this attack.

Balochistan government announced the mourn for three days but those who lost their beloved ones, they would remain mourn for their entire life

Many parents lost their sons, many wives became widows and children became orphan. Nevertheless, many friends lost their best friends.

If you would watch that clip of that video after the attack it seems like that you are in Iraq or Syria.


No one could imagine that we would lost a generation of intellectuals. The Balochistan has been pushed backward after a massive attack last Monday.

The Balochistan people are already being victimized by establishment and now the terrorists group.

Lawyers who defend the human rights they have been killed because they always try to bring the criminal to the justice. They were already mourning on the death of Balochistan Bar Association President Bilal Anwar Kasi.

The attack on lawyer’s news had been spread in the entire world like a fire in a forest. In every international news channel it was a headline. As well American next president nominee of Democratic Party Hillary Clinton also condemn the attack of Quetta. She tweeted on her offical twitter account.

“Today’s bombing of a hospital in Pakistan is despicable. We have to stand up against terror and come together to prevent these attacks. –H”

Benamin Ismail, the head of RSF’s Asia Pacific also condemn the attack and he said “We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and colleagues of the victims of this barbaric crime and we call on Balochistan’s government to do everything possible to catch those who were behind it.


According to the BBC Urdu report in last 11 years three judges and 40 lawyers were killed in Quetta.

In Balochistan there were nine advocates who were senior practicing lawyers or have licence of High Court of Balochistan. Barkurdar Khan is the only lawyers now who has this licence rest of his colleagues were killed on that brutal attack.

Western journalists wrote on this deadly attack and they have shown sympathy toward Balochistan people.

Max Bearak who writes about foreign affairs for the Washington Post. He wrote on his report “An entire generation of a city’s lawyers was killed in Pakistan


Simon Schofield is a Senior Fellow at the Human Security Centre, with research interests in human rights and terrorism, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia. He wrote on his report “Balochistan is the invisible victim of terrorist atrocities in Quetta”

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s ‘crocodile tears’ betray Pakistan’s treatment of the Baloch people. Mr. Schofield added.

In Balochistan a civilian person will be checked many times by security personal but still such incidents happen it could be the incompetent of the Federal and Provisional government or they are linked with terrorists groups. Shah Muhammad Jatohe told BBC Urdu.

On social media many activists shown sympathy toward those victims’ families and friends.

Those people were killed who asked for freedom of Balochistan, who raised the voice of freedom, but I never heard such voices from these lawyers ever they talked about it.

Journalists, Politicians, Teachers and Doctors are being targeted since last decade and now lawyers are also being killed. No one is secure in that region.

After the attack throughout the coutry all lawyer’s boycott the court proceedings.


Today I discussed this attack with a Canadian man then he asked me “Are these terrorists doing for making Allah happy?” I replied I don’t know may be they do, but I do believe that Allah Almighty didn’t mention anywhere in Quran go and kill human being.

In Canada today on August 9th, the “Peace Keeper’s Day” is being celebrated, I don’t know how can I celebrate this day where in my mother land (Balochistan), my people are making mourn.

In addition, August 9th, is the United Nation’s International Day of the world indigenous peoples, but it hurts me to say that, the natives of Balochistan mourn for their beloved ones who they lost on the deadly attack.

Balochistan people are urging the federal & provisional government to resign from their seats. Because you are failed to protect us.

Well written dear brother. It’s amazing article you have written. Keep it up buddy. Be bleesed jan


Lets go back to 2013, when I was on my first year of Computer science at “University of Turbat. At that time I was too obsessed with programming.. I was learning C Lagrange and I just wanted to make something Awesome; Games maybe that’s when  I found about Construct 2 . Made my first game by following a basic tutorial and that’s the status I shared on Facebook that I made my first game ..

Later I started to make my own game without any tutorials . Construct 2 did not need any programming skills and I felt limited using the free version. So I  ended up not finishing a single game. and I found about Unity Game Engine when I was using Construct 2  that was my first reaction to unity “Ah man! that’s way too advance for me, I cant do it ”  but when I give…

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Source: BHC Approves Hearing of Saqiba Suicide Case after a Protest by her Family Members

Sami Parvez

Quetta:   The family members of Saqiba Hakeem held a sit-in protest in Quetta demanding Balochistan High Court (BHC) for hearing her suicide case, on Wednesday.

According to the details  family members of Saqiba ,  a 17 years teenage girl student of Government Girls Degree College, Muslim Bagh ,Killa Saifullah district  who had committed suicide  after the college principal refused to send her examination form to the intermediate education board.

The protesters, carrying placards protested outside the Balochistan High Court (BHC), and demanded a hearing of Saqiba Hakeem’s suicide case.  .

Protesters chanted slogans against the principal of Inter Girls College and demanded termination of college principal and clerk and a case be filed against them.

“If a judicial commission is not formed till 29th February then we will carry out our protest in front of Chief Minister House for a long period.” Saqiba’s father said

The protest peacefully ended after three hours when the Balochistan High Court (BHC) approved hearing of Saqiba suicide case and formed one member bench under Justice Shakeel Baloch.

Balochistan Bar Association and Family members of Saqiba filed an application in Balochistan High Court to hear the case.

Saqiba Hakeem committed suicide last week by taking poisonous medicine, on last day of exams’ form submission as she was denied enrolment for asking to appoint female teachers for the female students.

The chief minister of Balochistan Sardar Sanullah Zehri directed Commissioner Zhob to probe the incident but no measures were   taken   against the responsible. As well as three-member committee was formed by Balochistan Education Minister Rahim Ziaratwal to investigate the “tragic incident”.

However, the family members of Saqiba Hakeem rejected the formed committee and they demand a judicial commission for the inquiry.

Staff Report

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 24, 2016

Source: Troublesome Job of Verifying Documents in Balochistan           

By Sami Parvez

Taking the charge of Chairman of Balochistan Public Service Commission, Justice (R) Mehta Kailash Nath Kohli, imposed a new rule for candidates who appear in test for commission posts. Candidates need to verify their all-educational documents from Matric to Master. As well, candidates need to verify their domicile certificate by Deputy Commissioner from their home district. Candidates are facing enormous hurdles for verifying their documents.

The applicants need to first deposit verification fee in bank, where there is too rush on the same counter. The applicants have to wait for hours due to the limited staff at banks.

It takes three to four days for the depositing fee and them submission of documents for verification in the concerned institutions. Despite following the all directions by institutions the verified documents are not returned on time and this process prolongs for many week.

On the one hand students are very frustrated with this process of verifying documents on the other hand the unprofessional attitude of staff members at board office Balochistan further increase the nervousness.

Having observed the scenario and going through this troublesome job the candidates become two minded whether to apply for the post or not. Since they have tolerate three to four thousands expenses for verifications of documents.  Nevertheless, it does not confirm   that they will get job or not.

For a student and a jobless person this amount is too valuable, even some applicants cannot afford these expenses.

Recently the spokesperson of Government Teachers Association- Kech   also condemned the passed bill of Balochistan cabinet that all teachers who are in service must verify their education documents.

Government should change the rule of verification documents for commission posts. BPSC should only ask those candidates who   pass the test.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 23, 2016